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Peter Engels Paintings and Sculptures

Paintbrushes are of no use here. Peter Engels exclusively paints with the palette knife, conferring the oeuvre a kind of three-dimensionality and a texture that catches the light beautifully. This adds to the handmade aspect of the canvases and is in sharp contrast with mass produced images.

The knife strokes are so large that the painting seems abstract at a short distance. When watching Peter Engels’ work, do this exercise: look at the work from up close and then gradually step back and view it from a distance. The effect is impressive. Typical features of his very own style are the big close-ups where eyes and mouth are primordial. The rest is decor and drops off the canvas.

Peter Engels: “The most beautiful thing about painting portraits is the capturing of an emotion. The perpetuation of that significant though brief moment -merely a flash in the infinite universe­- I find that quite fascinating. My Vintage Portraits make people immortal. People who make a difference. Famous, infamous, loved, despised, known or unknown. Their life stories are unique with a deep meaning and a charged atmosphere. I like to combine this with my specific and contemporary style, my palette knife technique, and my specially mixed oil colours into unique works of art recognizable at first glance. I like painting portraits of famous actors, writers, politicians, businessmen, musicians.  They are part of our world. In fact they are part of our everyday life. They are writing history. That is why I feel I simply have to paint them.”


Peter Engels also paints and sculptures commissioned art works of beloved ones, husbands, wives, relatives, business partners, icons…


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